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Who we are
Bilò is a group of about 70 people including disabled individuals, their parents and staff. We were born and are active in the Roman Catholic Church. We meet every month to follow a catechesis itinerary or simply to spend some good time together.
These monthly meetings are held from October to June in the parish center Giovanni Paolo II of the parish of Saints Fermo and Rustico in Varese. In summer we organize holidays and spiritual exercises.

Our name
The name “Bilò” comes from the tradition of some villages in Madagascar where, when someone is sad, he is named “King of the Village” and the other villagers highlight and praise his unique qualities that make him so special.

The catechesis
Our activity and identity are based on the fundamental principle that everyone has the right to live and cultivate his faith. The message of the Gospel is such that everyone can live it, even people with severe intellectual or relational disability. It is sufficient to find the right way, be confident and remember that we are not alone…
The theme of the catechesis itinerary is developed by proposing practical activities that can be carried out by all group members. We propose group activities, posters, sketches, games, and explain their meaning in relation to the catechesis itinerary.

Our story
All began in 1991, when some youths met the mother of a disabled young men and started organizing the first Sunday meetings. These were typically characterized by a festive atmosphere with games, music and lots of fun. In the following years the number of participants gradually increased, together with the expectations and opportunities of spiritual growth and exchange.
In 1996, with the arrival of Don Giancarlo Secchi (at that time, the priest responsible of the parish center) Bilò started to propose the catechesis itinerary that is the specific aim of the group and its most important activity.
In 2009 another significant step forward was made with the foundation of the non-profit organization “Associazione Bilò – ONLUS”. The creation of an organization represents the natural evolution and the official recognition of Bilò’s activities and will hopefully allow Bilò to support and improve its action.
If you are interested in Bilò’s activity, have yourself experienced something similar or want to start it, do not hesitate to contact us:

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